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 Retail $129.95
Godar Model 2A Deluxe HD/VHF/UHF/HDTV /FM antenna


Godar on a Rotor
Model 2A DELUXE fits easly in small attic spaces

Another View Of the Model 2
Common Antenna rotor is used with pipe and wood plank support

Model 2A deluxe in Crosspattern
Approx 2 feet or more is required for best seperation

              Retails at $129.95


Futuristic advanced geometric log periodic

Space Age Design by  GODAR


Model 2a deluxe will solve most if not all your high definition TV & HD radio reception problems.

Largest antenna in the Godar line up with a wing span of 52".Antenna was designed for attic or second story installations. Delivers strong High Definition signals to your set.Eliminates pixel break-up and picture freeze ups.Excellent problem solver for HDTV sets in basements.Easy to install with no extra mounting hardware or tools.Just lay on attic floor or on a cardboard box for best signal.


(*See attic photos below)


 Model 2a deluxe doubles as a super high end FM stereo antenna
Sold to 1000s of satisfied high end FM tuner and receiver owners all over the world

Antenna has the ability to receive strong clean FM signals with lower noise.Highly directional on local weak or distant FM stations.Will receive all strong local stations from any angle.

Main objective is receiving that favorite Jazz or classical local low powered FM station's from indoors.May be placed near the receiver on top of the rack system,rafters or on top of a book shelf out of view.Yes you can use this antenna on the first floor for FM.Easy adjusting by hand for cleaner signals is yours with the Model 2a.If you can not place an antenna outdoors,model 2 A is an excellent alternative for all your reception needs.


Technical specifications. 

1.  Model 2A deluxe incorporates a large 14 element log periodic with extended 18"x2" reflectors for added gain across the frequencies. Delivers perfect digital pictures across the channels.

2.  Antenna receives analog TV, VHF/UHF + HDTV digital VHF/UHF TV & HD radio scanner VHF and FM stereo.

3.  Polarization: Horizontal.Antenna is designed to lay flat. SWR: Less than 1.5 at 100 MHZ.

5.  Frequency ranges:  VHF 50 to 180MHZ VHF-HI 144.0 to 148.0 MHZ/-UHF,HD-470 to 890MHZ/ FM 87 to 108MHZ/ Additional Frequency's /Police,air Traffic control,weather band,ship to shore 1.8 to 4.0 MHZ/ 28.0 to 29.7MHZ /26.925 to 27.230 MHZ.Tested to the 6GHZ Frequency range.Receives closed circuit video transmissions.

7,  Highly "directional" design for pin point station clarity,.  Eliminates pixel distortions in high definition digital broadcast signals. Prevents TV pictures from blinking or fading in and out,picture freezing etc.  Zooms in on all low power local and fringe FM  stereo stations.

8.  Passive non amplified design.  No signal amplifier (uses no electricity).

9.  Perfect addition for all low to high end FM stereo tuner/receiver applications.
Performs well in severe multi-path situations like Mountains, Valley's or Down town city areas.

Antenna also, reduces background noise across the FM band.  *Model 2A Deluxe has tested to receive FM stations up to 100 + miles away.  1 to 40 mile range is typical for FM reception Your location and reception results will vary.
Directional design helps receiver lock in on weak FM analog and HD radio stations.

10.  2A may be used in pairs for omni-directional TV/HDTV/HD radio or FM analog, scanner reception.  (see last photo on right side of page) You will have "two" highly directional antennas receiving signals from *four directions (2 FM signals being optimal).  Two antenna are placed in a cross formation pattern separated by a 3 ft spacer.  This configuration can be North, South, East, West or Northeast, Southeast etc.  Cardboard or wooden box's are ideal for support of the second antenna.  Model 2's are connected in series with a common 2 set cable coupler/2ft cables.  *One can achieve reception from 4 directions without the use of a rotor.  Ideal setup where station towers are located in opposite directions.

*Coax inputs are considered antenna front.However,antenna will receive stations from the opposite direction(not as strong as the coax front).You point the coax side to the most desired station direction for best signal gain.You can receive at least two weak FM/ TV/and HD radio stations from opposite directions using two directional antennas in series. Some users reported multiple weak stations received using this configuration.Great for someone who lives near two or more city areas.Ideal set-up for FM,HD radio or TV/HDTV stations transmitting towers in opposite directions.

11,Cabinet size: Length 52" by width 9.1/2 ,1" in height.

12,We supply a 6ft coax cable with this antenna when sold for FM stereo. Optional coax cable lengths from 25 to 75 feet of RG6U cable can be added with little signal loss for remote area installs like attics.


Godar Test and measurement report for distant FM reception.

*Original Model 2a Deluxe lab testing was conducted in the east side of the city of Phoenix in the state of Arizona.Our findings Are as follows. 

Antenna was placed 6 to 8 ft off ground level indoors.Located inside a one story brick building.

Antenna was pointed in all directions.

Antenna received 103.1 KCBX FM from Florance 50 miles south of test location.Typical signal strength 60 to 75% on average with clear strong signal and very low background noise.

2A deluxe received 8 Fm stations 100+ miles away.Typical meter measurements at * less than 25% signal strength. We used signal measuring equipment and a variety of consumer FM tuners from high-end to low end.Please note: Most if not all FM stations 50 miles plus will receive at very low signal strength and high static and background
(please visit our tuner page on this site) Click on the FM tuner tab.

Each tuner,receiver has its own unique specification. No two tuner models are the same.Even same model numbered tuners can have slight differences in performance.Many tuners do better on a signal while others fall short.In some cases, a FM station signal will be missing all together on a given tuner model.We used a variety of vintage tube and early Japanese/European models.Also used more recent quartz locking tuning systems found in current home theater receivers.

City of Tucson is one example at 100 miles away from our location.We can receive five Tuscon Arizona stations clear(with a stereo signal) with a variety of FM tuners from low to High-end. Signal strength at 25%-30%

*Another city we received was Prescott at 130 miles away. This station came in weak at best.10-15% signal strength.This station was still audible, in-spite of the background noise & static.

Antenna pointed south-eastern direction for the city of Tucson.

Many customers have posted reviews with similar experiences on distant reception with the model 2A Deluxe.Long distant FM reception is possible pending your location.

Antenna placement and good tuner gear will provide the user best results. Your area and elevation can play a role on your reception.Typical FM reception for most users averages from 10 to 40 miles.There is always one or 2 local desired FM stations that could use a cleaner signal.This is why they purchase a better FM antenna.

*25%  signal strength out of a possible 100.

Model 2A deluxe compared to the FM1a. You will see a signal improvement from as low as 5% to 10% on average. This additional gain is significant for cleaner signal with lower background noise.

To purchase this fine antenna,click on the Godar dealer links tab located on the left side of this page.Also available on EBAY Ecrator.com Webstore.com ebid.com

   Model 2A deluxe Retail price $129.95    

                                                                  Made IN USA