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GODAR's legendary FM 1A Indoor FM stereo antenna.

When it comes to top FM reception,this is it!


 What a concept in design and performance.FM1A has been our best selling antenna since 1997.We have sold 10s of thousands to satisfied customers all over the world.FM1A was the first antenna to rocket the company to success.

  Antenna provided the foundation for other models that followed.

 FM1a is a 14 spread element log periodic antenna.This quality built directional antenna can zoom in and boost gain on most difficult local weak FM stations.Passive NON amplified directional design delivers clean signals with lower noise to your tuner/receiver.Helps your tuner pinpoint and lock in stations.Excellent performer in high multi-path areas.

Antenna works with all vintage USA and European Tube and modern transistor IC tuners,receivers.

Helps current home theater receivers quartz tuners stay locked on a station

If you have been looking for a top performing indoor FM stereo antenna? FM1a is your antenna.


Technical specifications:

1,FM 1A is a Unique super Log periodic broadband antenna.The heart of the FM1a is a 14 spread steel element log periodic array.Six elements are alternately raised for broadband and gain. Element boom length at 9.5" and 17 inch wide with one inch separation between the two rows.Added in models after 2004-Single in-line Phenolic(free air copper coil) for additional signal gain

2, FM1A receives frequency's starting just below 87MHZ& up to the 6ghz bands.This directional antenna has the advantage of a full 360 degree adjusting radius at a persons finger tips.Try that with a cheap $5.00 wire dipole nailed to a wall.

3,Polarization: Horizontal.This antenna is designed to lay flat for FM.Horizontal or Vertical positioning for UHF.FM1A will receive digital high defination television(HDTV)plus upper analog VHF channels 6-13, UHF 14 to 83,and FM 88-108. High definition radio broadcasts or HD radio.Antenna also receives VHF scanner/police/air traffic control Frequency's.(scroll down to the bottom of the page for additional information).This antenna is marketed mainly for FM,HD radio.            

4,SWR is less than 1.5 at 100 MHZ,passive non amplified design.No boost amplifiers that can add background noise,overload,block,and distort signals.

5,Frequency range:Upper VHF180 to 216-MHZ,UHF 470 to 890MHZ,FM 87 to 108 MHZ.Antenna tested and receives up to the 6 GHZ range.

6,FM1A is classed as passive. Highly directional for receiveing weak FM stations.Aim the antenna for best signal quality. *Antenna may be left in any position for local strong signal FM stations.If you live in high multi-path areas like valleys or downtown city areas,FM1a is an excellent performer with a good quality tuner/receiver.Tune out station overlap,increase gain while lowering noise.This Passive designed log antenna will not overload or distort signals in these areas.

7,Cabinet material: High Impact black textured ABS plastic.Dimensions are 17"length by 9.5"width by 1 inch in height.

8,Antenna is 300/75 ohm input compatible.FM1a package includes (1) standard detachable 6ft 75 ohm RG59 coax cable.(1) 75 ohm twin lead fork end match transformer for press insert antenna jack ,or screw terminals.

8,Coax input is considered Antenna Front. Point coax side in the direction of the station transmitting antenna towers for best signal gain.

9,Typical gain at 2 db.

10,Optional PAL or other adaptors can be used with the supplyed cable or rear coax jack.PAL adaptor is suppled from our European dealer's.

* FM1a connected to a sensitive signal measuring device will vary the meter on all stations when rotated.Connected to consumer receivers and tuners you will see little if any meter/led movement or reception change on a strong FM station.-


                                                   This antenna is available at the dealers page 

     Retails at $59.95                                                                       MADE IN USA        


FM1a on a 2007 Sangean HD radio Tuner
Model HDT-1




This broadband antenna will receive all civil service,scanner,air trafic control frequencys.This includes 800 mH wireless home phones,local Police. Truckers CB,2 way radio communication from cabs and hams using 2 meters.Use the inclosed twin flat lead adaptor for screw connection terminals.Optional BNC to 75ohm adaptor may be required on certain base or hand held scanners.