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                       IMPROVE YOUR RADIO RECEPTION NOW! 
 Here is our brand new easy to install UNIVERSAL long distant car stereo antenna for 2021. Replaces short 6" ducky antennas on most cars built in the last 20 years.

Having a  problem with AM or FM station?, Lots of station fade or static?, HD radio station in and out? Here is an antenna for you. Heart of the DXR1000(D) is a solid copper coil / stainless steel telescoping antenna rod.Improves reception across the frequencies. The DXR1000(D) IS the car version of the DXR-1000's for home radio use,communications,shortwave and AM FM stereo receivers.Proven performance for over 15 years 
Antenna has pulled in AM stations from other states. Some stations 2000+ miles away  on factory car radios(night hours). Excellent performer on FM as well.Pulls in local weak stations and prevents station fade in most cases.Helps the radio lock on and stay locked on most stations. 
Excellent performer for people who travel. People living in rural areas where stations are far away.Local city problem weak stations or if one wants to expand there reception capabilities.Antenna can be installed by anyone. Just unscrew"counter clockwise" original car antenna/
Take the new DXR antenna and install clock wise. Takes less than a Minute. A another addition to the Godar antenna line up. This antenna is currently available on ebay only for instant purchase.GODAR DXR1000(D)