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Dawn of a new age in antenna,technology,design,innovation and development for the 21st century.
Godar has ten custom high end antenna models and three special antenna terminal adapters that cover a wide range of applications.
This includes high definition television broadcasts or HDTV digital & standard analog TV,AM, Shortwave,FM stereo and HD FM radio.

Please take the time to review our unique quality USA built antenna line.Antenna model's & adapters link tabs are located on the upper LEFT SIDE  of this page.

We take an enormous pride in creating our quality hand crafted antenna products and hope that you'll find something to fulfill your reception needs here.
Click on the antenna model page for a detailed information and price.

We are one of the very few handcrafted made in USA antenna companies in the world.This is what custom high end is all about!
Want to purchase one of our fine antenna products? Click on the dealer link page for one of many Godar retailers here in the USA and Europe.Also check Ebay for many Godar antenna products.
Godar has been manufacturing quality hand crafted antenna products since 1995.All antenna products are assembled by Americans right here in the USA.Godar currently holds 3 patents with others pending.

Many consider our antenna line the best in the world.Godar is the ULTIMATE in STATE OF THE ART when it comes to antenna design & performance.We are the Global MASTER ANTENNA BUILDER.

The Godar product line is not available at national electronics chain stores or discount low priced department stores.
We are a specialized high end product group sold only through independent high-end audio,video dealers and select on line retailers world wide.
GODAR is proudly made in the USA.
If you demand the best. We deliver.

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Check out Mr Godars personal collection of fine vintage electronics.
There you will find a selection of unique vintage TV antennas,Classic tube radios, FM tuners, VCRs and audio.

You can also visit the Godar Antenna designs page.here you will find our extensive collection of first generation Godar Super Antennas.
In addition,first design antenna prototypes and production line models.
                     Godar Electronics service center, a division of Godar USA sells classic serviced video tape recorders(VCR) & TV VCR Combos.Our Vintage audio service center repairs and restores vintage stereo receivers amplifiers tuners and turntables
                                      Click on the Godar VCR & Vintage audio service tab for more information 
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       Brand name is pronounced Go-Dar  
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Established  1995 AD

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